Thursday, January 31, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

Well, this picture isn't in their brochure, but it ought to be because it's the primary selling feature of this place: your kids will be overstimulated into complete exhaustion.

Using the tried and true OREO technique (good news, bad news, good news), I'll say the following:

The staff were impressively welcoming and helpful and the hotel is laid out very well for a family establishment. The room was spacious and Dan was thrilled to get a full night's sleep without a little foot in his rib because he got his own bed!

The food in the hotel restaurants is atrociously unhealthy, expensive and did I mention atrociously unhealthy? Plus, for little ones, the water park is not that great - there really isn't an infant area and the water slides are largely reserved for larger kids (Isabelle is tall for her age and at 4, she was borderline). Also, it costs a pretty penny.

Ah, but those water slides are wicked fun for the grown-ups - I'm not usually one for water rides, but I really had fun on them. Isabelle's verdict: "That was AWESOME, mama!". I also got to show off my pool sling that got many approving looks.
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